Hypnosis Programs

If you’ve been seeking change for some time, and maybe even dabbled with hypnosis before, you’ve come to the right place. Each of the available programs are 100% customized and tailored to YOU. In addition to hypnosis and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Joel uses some powerful and engaging techniques to get to your goal. These will include journaling, self-hypnosis audio inductions, and accountability check-in calls. Joel may also incorporate timeline work, which is a powerful method that can help you recreate your past, and forge a new future with all of the integrity and the strength that you have within yourself.

Below you will see the programs that Joel is currently offering. When you click on the image of the topic that you’re interested in seeking treatment for, you will be routed to a page that gives you much further insight into the program. You will be given two options when it comes to placing the program in the cart. The first being, Session Style. Here you will choose from a dropdown on whether you would like to see Joel in-person at his office in Seattle, or whether you would like to take the avenue of virtual sessions (Please refer to our Hypnosis Services page for more information). Your second option is, Session Package. Here you will also choose from a dropdown on the number of sessions you would like to purchase. There is a price breakdown on the home page for these packages, as well as a program plan for each package in the program details.

If you are a new client and have additional questions that will help you make the decision to seek this alternative therapy, or need more information about which program best suits your needs.. we encourage you to schedule a FREE 30 MINUTE PHONE CONSULTATION. We are happy to help!!